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Visits to the dentist are essential parts of preventative dental care. Regular dental exams allow dentists to inspect teeth to identify bone loss, gum inflammation, and other problems. They also provide opportunities for dental professionals to evaluate the risk of developing oral health issues.

Dry socket is an issue that is faced by some patients after completion of dental extraction procedure and dentists suggest that taking some precautionary measures can reduce the occurrence of such a condition in patients and they are discussed in the content given below:

Generally, after extraction of a tooth, the place where the tooth was present will be empty and so a blood clot will form in the place. In such a situation, when the patient performs some acts like drinking some drinks with the help of straw will dislodge the clot preventing the formation of a new tooth. It is always better to follow the post-surgical instructions given by the dentist and it is also essential to maintain proper hygiene in the area where dental extraction took place for preventing food from lodging in that place. Also, it is better to follow liquid and cold diet for at least a day after the extraction and it would be safe if the patient do not spit for at least a day after completion of the surgery. In addition, it is recommended not to touch the wound either with the tongue or fingers as it might cause some infections. Sucking with the help of straws should be avoided and after three days it would be better to do some warm saline rinses of the mouth. Furthermore, the patient should avoid doing some strenuous exercises at least for a day or two after extraction.

Generally, professionals in the field of clear orthodontics specify that the pain associated with extraction of tooth will gradually reduce in a day or two after the procedure. But, if the patient finds that the pain is not reducing or if it worsens after three or four days even after taking medication, it is better to contact the dentist for ensuring that everything is fine. If the dentist finds that the patient needs some addition dosage of medicine, he will be prescribing the same after checking the patient and so individuals should not increase the dosage of medicine by themselves without the recommendation of the dentist for reducing the pain.

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