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There is absolutely nothing that is worth more than a beautiful smille and therefore investing in getting that smile you so desperately require is indeed worth your money. This dream of a beautiful smile can be made possible today through cosmetic dentistry thanks to technology and professionals at the top of their game .The procedure consumes a relatively huge amount of cash and it is only logical that you would want it looking the best for the longest period possible. The following are tips to help you keep you maintain that smile in the best condition for the longest time.

Tips useful for Cosmetic Dental Care by a professional

(1) It is very important to tell a new dentist if you have had cosmetic dental procedures before since there are some procedures that work perfectly well for natural teeth but have a destructive effect on composite or ceramic materials.

(2)Polishing devices which makes use of a powerful spray containing sodium bicarbonate are known to break the glaze composite and porcelain restorations. The teeth may look really great just after the procedure but staining will start after a very short time. This is because in such cases these method makes the teeth surfaces rough.

(3) Ultrasonic scaling can also have devastating effect on your teeth is you have had a cosmetic dental procedure before. If the scaling is not properly carried out around composite restoration, veneers or dentist crowns , the method can cause damage to the teeth making them vulnerable to decay.

(4)Polishing using an aluminum oxide agent will be recommended by any cosmetic dentist for use on teeth with composite bonding as opposed to the typical pumice polish.

(5)Fluoride treatments containing hydrofluoric acid should be avoided on teeth which have had cosmetic dental procedures in the past and instead go for neutral fluoride only.

Crucial tips for care of teeth after cosmetic dental restoration

(1)Reduce or avoid the taking of alcohol since alcohol can cause damage to direct bonding and also to the luting which keeps a hold of the porcelain veneers on the teeth.

(2)If you are participating in sports use mouth guard.

(3)Biting ice or hard objects should be avoided and incase teeth grinding at night then a night guard will be of use.

(4)Maintaining oral hygiene is very crucial in taking care of your natural teeth portions .Do not just use any toothpaste your Tijuana dentist is that one that will recommend the tooth paste that will work perfectly for you.

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