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Root planing and scaling are procedures that attempts to prevent the decay of teeth and reverse the effects of gum disease.

Tooth decaying plaque will eventually harden and turn into tartar. Your teeth will become rotten, and your gums irritated by tartar. Scaling is the surest way to remove tartar by scraping it off using dental apparatus. This provides a deep cleaning for your teeth at and below the gum line, something that cannot be done by simply brushing and flossing.

As soon as the tartar is removed,root planing follows, which smoothes out all the surfaces so the gums are protected and plaque is less likely to form. Before long your gums will once again be the healthy pink color that they should be.

Please let the dentist or another member of the dental group know if you are concerned about having your teeth scaled and planned. There are many dental methods available with your comfort in mind, including sedation. Many people request sedation during a scaling and planing. Good dentists will do whatever necessary to ensure that you are entirely comfortable.

Mechanical tooth preparation for periodontal therapy normally involves root planing and scaling crucial procedures. The scaling and planing procedures are essential to the therapy and must not dissociate one from the other. Scaling removes the plaque, calculus, stain, and other accumulated material. Root planning uses an ultrasonic instrument to help remove dental plaque, root surface endotoxins, and residual calculus. This procedure seeks to remove cementum and performed on the roots of the teeth that exhibit bone loss with tissue recession. This thoroughly cleans teeth with contaminated damaging bacteria. This treatment may be enough to control progressing periodontal disease depending on the extent of the damage. A dentist in Tijuana Mexico has the skills, experience, and the tools to perform scaling and planning efficiently on your next visit.

Ultrasonic scaling removes teeth gross accretions using a universal tip to move up and down lightly reaching most areas. After scaling, the explorer probes the root to look for missed calculus or residual roughness. Our dental care is tough but effective for all your money’s worth.

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