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The goal to have a movie star smile prevails in our culture today, but most movie stars have had extensive and ongoing dental work done. A genuine smile is a beautiful thing, but many hide behind a raised hand when they smile or they just avoid smiling at all because of a fault with their teeth.

Cosmetic dental surgery has seen advances in many areas. Artificial teeth are more realistic in appearance so crowns and implants are more natural-looking. A great-looking smile can come from the proper cosmetic dental treatments and there are some cosmetic dental surgical solutions that can correct the appearance of excessive gum tissue through contouring, to give you a better-looking smile.

The fear of painful procedures is the leading reason that people may delay on needed cosmetic dental treatments, but because the sensation of pain can be almost eliminated, options are available with advances in anesthesia drugs and techniques. A simple IV, monitored by an anesthesiologist, can alleviate these worries.

You can be fully awake within a short time after your procedure and not remember much about the treatment because there might be powerful amnesiacs involved with some anesthesia. This can relieve anxiety and stress because you have no recollection of the cosmetic dental surgery and feel no pain.

Oral surgeons today understand the need to effectively manage pain while the healing process occurs. They are now more inclined to prescribe prescription painkillers that are often not needed but allow the concern of after procedure pain to be alleviated. Tissues in the mouth heal very fast. A procedure to the bones of the mouth will take a bit longer to heal, but the pain is usually only slightly noticed when a hard piece of food is crushed against the area while chewing.

Your dentist can structure your procedures to a single visit, in many cases, depending on the types of cosmetic dental procedures you need. There are many needed procedures that are completed with one visit and they are better handled by some of those that are intimidated by a visit to the dentist office. If your oral surgeon is more technologically-advanced, this is a distinct possibility, so you might want to speak with them about this possibility or search for an oral surgeon that uses these advanced techniques.

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