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Infancy is a very delicate time of our lives and it is the phase where we require the most attention and utmost commitment. Many parents focus on feeding their baby, making sure it remains clean from head to and providing the best possible comfort for it. Unbeknownst to many parents however is that infants also require constant dental care. Now one may postulate that you can’t have dental hygiene until the teeth grow out however that is not the case, gum care is extremely crucial to an infant. Infant dental care and teething is core to ensuring that a child grows up with healthy gums and teeth.

Gum care for an infant can and should start at day 1 of life outside the womb. Consider how you feel after waking up – the unbearable taste in your mouth. Infants go through the same feeling but have no way of expressing it. Using a sanitized wash cloth or even cause carefully open of your infants mouth and gently wipe it across the surface of the gums. This should typically be done twice a day or after feeding and definitely before bed time. There isn’t much technique involved in this, one should just experiment and get a feel for what works best.

For babies who have grown out their first set of teeth – it is extremely important to make sure they remain clean and bacteria free. A soft, small headed toothbrush is recommended and once again you should make to gently brush at to the teeth and not exert too much force. Too much force can lead to unwanted bleeding which is ultimately going to lead to your baby becoming fussy which no parent wants at all.

As teeth development progresses inside the gums of your baby, he or she will start teething. This can start happening anywhere between three to six months of life outside the womb. Usually babies won’t be fussy while teething, however if they do become fussy that may be a sign that a tooth is about to break through the skin. This period can last a few days and one of the tell tale signs is the baby refusing to eat or drink anything.

During this period a parent can do many things to soothe the baby such as massaging the gums gently with your finger for two to three minutes. The baby may not seem compliant at first but that will quickly change once they feel the relief. Providing them with sanitized teething rings is also a great solution and if worse comes to worst you can get over the counter pain reliever that is specific to your baby’s age.

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