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Seeing the dentist is not always an enjoyable experience but it is quite necessary to do so in order to maintain the health of your teeth and gums. What kinds of procedures are the most popular when visiting your dentist?

Fillings and Repairs

Teeth are highly subjective to wear and tear from grinding them or biting nails. Cracked and broken teeth, along with cavity fillings can all be repaired with a tooth colored resin, which is a composite filling that look and feel like natural teeth.

Root Canals

This type of treatment is performed by removing the tooth’s diseased or damaged tooth’s, a fiber-like hankie in the heart of the tooth. Once removed, the now-empty freedom is clean, twisted and filled. The pulp contains arteries, veins, lymph tissue and nerves, all of which are sealed off in the procedure, saving the tooth that might otherwise have been extracted.

Caps or Crowns

These are applied to damaged, broken or cracked teeth as a way to restore the teeth. Caps, or crowns are they are most commonly referred to as, sit in excess of the complete surface of the tooth, right up to the gum line. They are often made from ceramic, metal or a merge of materials, and they can greatly improve the appearance of highly stained or broken teeth.

Implants or Bridges

Implants or bridges are two ways that a lost incisor (or teeth) can be replaced. A bridge is also branded as a removable denture. While there are many types of bridges available, he most universal bridge is a flat link, which involves a phony tooth through crown attached to any side. Bridges often get their support from neighboring natural or implanted teeth.


Teeth can appear stained with age, as cause by a mixture of foods as well as beverages, such as red wine, black tea, coffee, or from other factors such as smoking or trauma to the tooth. Teeth whitening is done by applying a peroxide-based material on the teeth. The number of teeth whitening procedures necessary depend on how stained the teeth are.

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