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Porcelain veneers are slight porcelain wafers that are plunged to the front surface of the teeth to give them an alluring makeover. It is properly said that porcelain dental veneers are to the teeth in the same way manufactured fingernails are to the hands.

With their thickness of generally about a millimeter, these can be effectively applied to the front surface of teeth. Also, the hardness and resistance of porcelain make these veneers dependable. Aside from porcelain, clay or composite holding material can likewise be applied to make veneers.

Problems solved by Dental Veneers in Tijuana Mexico

They can be applied to counter the accompanying issues:

Worn down teeth.

Teeth can be damaged as the result of extreme crushing,grinding or wrong application of tooth, for example, opening a bottle.additionally, teeth can be affected by some drinks and beverages
these Teeth that worn down due to intense crushing or carbonated beverages can be corrected by use of porcelain veneers.

Broken teeth.

Such teeth can be covered under porcelain veneers with comparable form and color as the natural teeth.

Stained teeth.

As teeth whitening can expel a few sorts of teeth stains, they give flawless teeth color and shape. These additionally function admirably where stains are too difficult to clean with teeth whitening or application of props flex treatment.

Crooked teeth.

Teeth that are not extremely warped can be enhanced applying porcelain veneers. When placed on the front surface of tooth it will make it look immaculate and noteworthy.


The space between two teeth can be filled by use of porcelain dental veneers, to give a uniform smile.
They can likewise go about as alternatives options to braces. they can fix teeth in two or three arrangements, rather than waiting for up to three years for braces to be functional.

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