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If you are going to read any list of the major diseases that cause the most deaths, cancer would be among the highest. It is probably competing for the top spot with heart disease. Find out the top 7 oral cancer symptoms and the ways on how you can avoid these.

It is often hard to maintain a very healthy lifestyle, and most of us are struggling just to get enough exercise each day and eat the right kinds of food. But there is a significant part of our population who are smoking heavily. And it is about time that they should stop this nasty habit because smoking has been linked to oral cancer. Many dentists prescribe to their patients to quit for a better oral health.

Listed below are common oral cancer symptoms. You should always be aware of these symptoms, and it would be best if you would conduct a self-examination at least once a month just to be on the safe side.

1. Your gum bleeds even if there is no cut or any other immediately recognizable reason.
2. You can feel some lumps on your lips or gums.
3. A chronic sore throat.
4. Unexplained weight loss.
5. There are some pains in your mouth area.
6. There is a sudden change in your voice, or it turns hoarse.
7. There are sores in the area near your mouth, and these does not seem to heal for more than a week.

If you are someone who has been facing all or some of the symptoms mentioned above for more than two weeks, make it a point to visit your dentist for an oral cancer exam at the earliest. And, if your dentist suggests it, be sure to visit an oncology surgery doctor to analyze your condition better. But beware and refrain from panicking, as any infection could cause similar or the same symptoms.

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