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Dental Implants are an intricate and relatively costly cosmetic dentistry technique, but offer a long-term solution in the replacement of the missing teeth. Dental implants in Tijuana are an alternative to both removable dentures and bridges.

Some of the amazing benefits the implants can offer include:

There are no sticky gels or creams

Implants are usually attached into jawbone using the titanium posts. These posts replace the roots of the tooth. Upon implantation, the bone gradually grows around these posts making the implantation foundation stable. With these anchors in place, the artificial teeth or tooth behaves the same as the natural teeth or tooth. The dental procedure eliminates the requirement for the adhesives which serve to maintain the dentures in place.

The procedure is safe for the gums

Unlike dentures, the dental implants are moored into the jawbone and not resting on the gums. It is for this reason that the dental implants cause no friction to the gums as is the case for the dentures. The dentures usually irritate the gums when one eats or speaks thereby causing whitish patches on the gums and mouth ulcers.

Dental Implant protects the natural teeth

Dental implants do not usually rely on the adjacent teeth. It is for this reason that the risk of accumulation of plaque is eliminated. The procedure is safer than the fixed bridges which can lead to the risks of dental decay and other serious dental issues. The bridges make use of the neighboring teeth to grasp the piece of equipment in place. This, therefore, predisposes the supporting teeth to the accumulation of plaque thereby causing dental decay and other periodontal diseases.

What is the procedure that the dentist follows in dental implantation?

Dental implantation involves the following six basic steps.

  1. Comprehensive examination, X-rays and Tijuana Dentist consultations
  2. The titanium screws are surgically implanted
  3. The impressions of the lower and the upper jaws are taken
  4. A model for creating the crowns or dentures is made
  5. The crown in Tijuana is placed
  6. Follow up examinations are then undertaken

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