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Do you have teeth that make you unhappy? Do you probably need a boost in self- confidence and a more eye-catching smile? Worry no more because the cosmetic dentists can make it cooler than before to help you attain that beautiful smile you have always wanted.

What are some of the cosmetic dentist procedures that will make you smile?

Teeth Whitening

There are options that suit any budget and still offer whiter teeth by removing the stains and the discolorations with teeth whitening in Tijuana.

Dental Bonding

Dental bonding fixes small dental imperfections. If you happen to have cracked or chipped teeth or just one tooth that is discolored, then dental bonding is appropriate for you. The procedure covers the imperfections and the teeth that are injured with a pliable solution that is usually permanently hard-edged upon being placed in the right area.

Dental Contouring

This procedure can be used where alignment and reshaping of misshapen or crooked tooth is required. Each part of the tooth is buffed to come up with a more attractively reshaped structure.

Dental Veneers

The Dental veneers in Tijuana cover the front parts of the teeth to alter their shape and color. They last longer than bonding and also offer a relatively superior appearance. They improve teeth that are slightly crooked, poorly shaped, permanently stained, chipped or worn, and those that have spaces in between. Before the veneers are inserted the dentist takes the impression of the tooth and buffs it before the veneer is cemented.

Dental Crowns

They are also referred to as caps. They cover the tooth entirely hence restore the shape and the appearance of the tooth. A crown is needed in the following dental issues; to cover a discolored or misshapen tooth, to cover dental implant, to restore worn or broken tooth, cover a large filling. They are also employed to cover a tooth with a large filling, protect a weak tooth, and also in covering a tooth that has had a root canal procedure.

Other cosmetic dental procedures in Tijuana include bridges, braces, and dental implants among others.

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