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Everyone wants to have a healthy mouth and a nice smile. This is why getting professional holistic dental care is so important. Nowadays, natural dentists are concerned about the use of toxic elements in the mouth. Mercury is one such poison. In recent years, the number of dentists placing mercury fillings has gone from 99% down to 50%. Increasing numbers of people are having their mercury fillings removed and replaced with natural porcelain composite fillings.

1. Mercury Is Highly Toxic

A mercury filling is a toxic mercury implant in the body. No one would allow a lead filling to be placed. But the secret is that the mercury is more toxic than lead, and much more toxic because it is a vapor and is absorbed into the body. It goes right to the brain.

But removing mercury fillings can be dangerous too. Toxic mercury is released from fillings that are both in the mouth and being removed. Clinically dentists have repeatedly heard that same story from patients in their dental chairs, who have found that when they started getting their mercury fillings removed in an office that didn’t protect them, they got sick and were sick for months. They were mercury poisoned! That is why the holistic dentist has built his or her office around the concept of being a safe mercury removal office.

2. Mercury Fillings Expand As They Age

The second secret is that mercury fillings expand like freezing water as they age, and this breaks the teeth. That is the reason for most crowns in peoples’ mouths! The amalgam expands because it corrodes, and metal corrosion always takes more space than the original metal. You might be familiar with how rust under a car’s paint will lift the paint. Corrosion can expand seventy times the original metal.

That is why the motto of the holistic dentist is, “Save your teeth, get the mercury fillings out.” Get them out before they crack the teeth and you have to get a crown or lose the tooth. If the tooth splits down the middle it has to be pulled. If it breaks off out to a side, it can be saved with a crown. But if the mercury is replaced with a tooth colored, bonded, porcelain composite filling, and the tooth is saved. Notice how conservative it is to just replace the mercury filling; it saves all the rest of the enamel and tooth.

One more problem – mercury fillings corrode because of electrolytic corrosion. There are electric micro-currents between different metals in the mouth. A battery is basically two dissimilar metals with an electrolyte between them. Saliva is the electrolyte, and so electrons flow between the differing electronegative potentials of metals. That is why if a crown with metal in it is placed over a tooth with mercury/silver in it, you might see a darkening in the gums around it, a metal tattoo. The tattoo is there because mercury ions carrying the charge drop out of the electrical circuit in the tissues because they become sulfated and pile up and make the tattoo.

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