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Many people take relatively good care of their teeth. So why aren’t their teeth as bright as they want them to be? There is a range of white shades that is considered normal. Not everyone starts out with gleaming white teeth. It’s quite natural to have an original shade of white that isn’t satisfactory. Therefore, teeth whitening products in Tijuana, usually including hydrogen peroxide, are required to increase the level of whiteness to your ideal shade.

Sometimes teeth get darker through no fault of that person. Generally as a person grows older, teeth tend to lose their luster. This is mainly because the outer layer of the teeth becomes thinner and the inner dentin becomes more pronounced.

With that said, there are several things that can easily discolor your teeth over time and prevents you from having that wonderful smile. Here are 5 things that can harm your smile by discoloring your smile.

Tobacco products stain teeth with residue after several years of continued use. The severity of the stains may depend on the brand since its largely influenced by the nicotine and tar content. This build up tends to happen to smokers regardless of how thorough their hygiene habits are.

Coffee and red wine are the most common known to cause teeth stains. Most sugar-rich sodas and drinks cause discoloration indirectly by promoting tooth decay. When taking these beverages, its best to exercise moderation and possibly rinse with water afterwards.

Tooth decay in general
Without proper hygiene, excess bacteria can multiply and eat away at the tooth. The buildup of plaque and tartar leads to cavities and other tooth diseases. A sign of unhealthy teeth is pronounced discoloration.

Tooth injuries
Sometimes teeth discolor after considerable damage due to either the death of the underlying nerve or internal bleeding. With minor injuries, the tooth becomes gray and will eventually recover. With more serious trauma, the discoloration can be permanent and require specialized dental treatment to remove the stains.

Knowing the causes of teeth stains helps us to prevent new ones from occurring. However, if you already deal with teeth stains there are options available. Your dentist in Tijuana will help you in determining the cause and suggesting an appropriate solution.

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