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Root canal treatment is carried out to replace the infected pulp using a filling. The treatment helps in saving the tooth which could otherwise have to be removed.

Check out the complete procedure:

The root canal of a tooth comprises of blood vessels and nerves which provide nourishment to the teeth via nutrients and oxygen. When the tooth decays commence in the outer layer, if untreated, it progresses and reaches the root canals, where the blood vessels and nerves get contaminated and swelled. The causes the deadening of the pulp tissue which causes extreme pain and swelling, which further expands leading to a tooth abscess. At this time, root canal treatment is done to get rid of the infectious pulp using a filling. Once the filling is done, nutrition to the tooth comes from the surrounding ones.

The Process of Root Canal

Popularly called endodontic treatment, the root canal comprises of complete cleanliness and sterilization of the root canal and the removal of the infectious tissue. The process is done by a professional dentist in two or more visits, depending on the condition. If an active infection prevails in the tooth, then antibiotics are recommended for 3-4 days to get rid of the infection and pain. Once the patient visits the dentist next, local anesthesia is given for the comfort of the patient.

Firstly, a rubber dam is located in the infected tooth to assure that the tooth is dry. It helps in the prevention of the infection of the canals. Once the upper layer of the tooth is opened via dental drill, the dentists will treat the pulp of the tooth and get rid of the infection. The second stage is clean the internal area of the tooth using small files. With tooth files, the canal and pulp chamber is cleaned.

It may take several hours to perform the cleaning task or may require two or more visits. Root Canal Treatment completely depends on the infection of the tooth. The molar and premolars have two or three roots with several canals. Thus the more the numbers of roots are, the longer the treatment will take.

Once the cleaning is done, temporary filling is applied. Then, the temporary filling is taken out and the canal is filled and finally sealed with a crown. The crown defends the root from fracturing. With anesthesia, the complete process isn’t painful at all.

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