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Dental bridges are used by dentists to replace missing teeth. Having a terrific smile is a first thing that people will notice about you. If you have dental problems, it can be both painful and embarrassing. It can affect each and everything that you do.

Sometimes the only option to relieve the pain is to have the tooth pulled. This will leave you with a gaping whole within your mouth where the tooth used to be.
Dental bridges are called such because they are bridged between two healthy teeth. Normally the false tooth is secured to a plate that sits within the mouth; the plate is then secured with a steel hook on either side to a healthy tooth, typically the kind that is made in this way can be removed from the mouth.

There are two kinds of bridges, a permanent type, and a removable type. The permanent type is cemented into place with tooth bond. The removable kind can be taken in and out of the mouth to be cleaned. From time to time the removable kind is referred to as a flipper or a partial plate.

Dental bridges are much more favorable than full false teeth. You should try to save each and every natural tooth that you could. A lot of folks does not realize how important it’s to hang on to as many teeth of their own. Dental bridges make it possible.

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