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A broken tooth can happen for a wide variety of reasons. Biting down on something hard, getting hit in the face, falling and hitting your tooth are the most common ways to break a tooth. But even tooth decay can cause a tooth to weaken and break even with modest use.

Whatever the reason the tooth broke, the best thing that a person can do is go to the dentist right away. A dentist in Tijuana Mexico can determine how severe the damage to the root system of the tooth and determine the appropriate action. A dentist can put a crown on the tooth or may even need to perform a root canal. Only in extreme injury cases would the tooth need to be removed. None of these are pleasant options, but the tooth under this kind of trauma probably hurts anyway, so one might as well receive the proper care. At least a dentist can make the patient as comfortable as possible and come up with the best possible solution.

On the way to the dentist office, the patient should wash their mouth out with warm water. The patient should also try and stop the bleeding by applying pressure to the area that is injured and bleeding. Sometimes using a tea bag is helpful to stop bleeding if initial attempts to apply pressure don’t work. It is also useful to use a cold pack to the injured area particularly if there is swelling. Finally, the patient should take a painkiller to reduce some of the pain and swelling that is associated with the injury. If the patient cannot see the dentist right away, then cover the portion of the tooth in your mouth with dental cement. This product is found in most drugstores but is only a temporary solution.

The worst option for the patient is not to see the dentist, even if dental insurance is not available. Seeing a dentist will cause the least amount of pain in the long run, not only in your mouth but your pocketbook as well.

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