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Dental extraction refers to the removal of a tooth from dental socket in alveolar bone. Dental extraction is also referred to as exodontias, tooth extraction or exodontics. Generally natural teeth are supposed to last for the entire lifetime but sometimes dental extraction becomes necessary due to various factors. It’s a medical procedure to address tooth or teeth infection or problems. Here are some of the reasons which may necessitate tooth extraction.

Badly damaged tooth

Generally, small tooth damages can be repaired but when tooth becomes badly damaged from decay or trauma it becomes necessary for it to be extracted. Tooth decay is the most common cause of tooth extraction.

A crowded mouth 

Sometimes your teeth may be too big for your mouth making their alignment impossible. Under such circumstance a dentist may extract some teeth in order to align your teeth properly. Similarly, when there is no enough space in the gum for another tooth to erupt a dental extraction becomes necessary.


When the tooth decay extends beyond the pulp (the part of tooth containing blood vessel and nerves) it becomes necessary to pull the tooth out. Normally such infections can be rectified with root canal therapy, but if it severe such that it cannot be treated extraction becomes necessary.

Periodontal or gum diseases

This is an infection of tissues and bones supporting the teeth. These infections may cause loosening of a tooth making it necessary to extract it.

Tooth extraction is delicate process performed by oral surgeon or a dentist. Generally, tooth extraction is performed as the last resort after other treatments have failed or cannot work. During the extraction an anesthetic is administered to numb the area surrounding the tooth to be extracted. It important to ensure extraction is performed by a professional dentist as un-procedural removal of teeth may cause complications which may necessitate further surgery.

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