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Tijuana Dentist Price List

Our Dental Treatment Price List to compare prices to U.S. there is simply no comparison!

Check the Tijuana Dentist Price List, we want offer you great value for you money. The main reason that people from the US come to a Tijuana dentist is because the prices in the US are so outrageous, and you can get dental work done here at 1/3 the price.

Affordable Price

Tijuana Dentist

Affordable price for a Dentist in Tijuana also we offer very competitive prices compared to the USA, check our price list for dental work in Mexico at our Tijuana Dentist office.

However, the prices of a particular dental clinic in Tijuana should not be your only consideration. A cost-efficient procedure does not mean it’s about bad quality, choosing the right dentist is the main focus you should have. Dental Clinic Integral is the best option in Tijuana, we offer High-Quality and top technology with our Tijuana Dentist.

Affordable Price Tijuana Dentist

Affordable price for Dentist in Tijuana


Evaluation $17.00
Complete Intraoral X-Ray Series $37.00
Additional image $5.00
Amalgam $57.00
Teeth Cleaning and Polishing $57.00
Full mouth debridement $80.00
Composite filling $70.00
Deep cleaning $50.00
Teeth Whitening at Office $197.00
Teeth Whitening at Home (Kit) $157.00
Porcelain fuse to metal crown $297.00
Zirconia Crown $497.00
E-max metal free crown (3 to 4 hours) $457.00
Retiro de Corona $30.00
Prefabricated post (fiber) $97.00
Metal-porcelain fixed Bridge (3 units) $891.00
Complete denture (upper and lower) Acrylic $600.00
Complete denture (upper and lower) flexible $650.00
Complete denture (Acrilico) each $330.00
Complete denture (flexible) each $370.00
Removable unilateral partial denture $297.00
Removable bilateral denture (conventional) $475.00
Removable unilateral partial denture (Flexible) $300.00
Removable bilateral denture (flexible) $600.00
Porcelain veneer (each) $457.00
Composite veneer (Bonding) each $97.00
Simple extractions $70.00
Simple extractions (3rd molars) $100.00
Specialist evaluation $50.00
Root canal $200.00
Surgical extraction $200.00
Orthodontics 1,500-2,500
Implants $997.00
Metal-porcelain Crown over implant $500.00
 (includes abutment)
Crown over implant $600.00
Metal-free Crown over implant $697.00
(includes abutment)
 Fixed denture over implant (each) $1,400.00
All on four (Per Arch) $7,997.00

* Prices are in US Dollars

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