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Cosmetic dentistry plays a very important role in society today. We are bombarded by perfect bodies, perfect hair and perfect smiles. Women feel inadequate if they have smaller than average breasts and seek out breast implant surgery. Men feel less manly for a variety of other reasons, including sexual, which they feel can be corrected by cosmetic surgery. So of course it has been only a matter of time when we would nearly all feel inadequate about our less-than-gleaming teeth.

Smile makeovers have become one of those things on most of our “to-do” lists, whether or not we can afford them. It is something we strive and long for.

Dental work performed by a regular dentist is essential work or preventative dentistry. That performed by a cosmetic dentist in Tijuana is for aesthetic reasons. If one was to have an accident and lose a tooth or have significant tooth loss through decay or aging, however, the reconstruction dentistry needed could very well fall into either category.

For a total smile makeover and to take the best advantage of going to all the trouble of having your teeth straightened, whitened and looking marvelous – a good cosmetic dental surgeon will work hand-in-hand with a maxo-oral facial surgeon. He will see that any jaw alignment problems are corrected, over-bites or under-bites and look at the basic skeletal bone structure of the entire mouth and jaw. Believe it or not, problems in this arena can cause problems from the severe pain of trigeminal neuralgia to muscle spasms and teeth clenching.

Having found a good cosmetic dentist, you will no doubt have molds taken of your teeth. From this, the cosmetic dentist will be able to work with a professional dental mechanic in providing you with the most suitable crowns, veneers, bonded composites or implants to suit your coloring and desires.

It is of paramount importance that a person chooses a reputable cosmetic dentist as the procedures can be extremely expensive, not covered by medical aids and therefore it is imperative that botches be avoided. Give us a call us today! We’ll be happy to answer all your questions, give you an accurate quote, schedule your appointment, and help you make all the arrangements needed for your visit to Tijuana. Dental Integral is the best option for professional and affordable dental care.