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It is important to take precautions with our teeth if we are to maintain the brilliant healthy white teeth without using any superficial cleaning agents. Our daily careless habits are responsible for damaging our teeth and their appearance. Here are 5 habits to avoid in order to have healthy teeth as advised by a Mexico dentist.

Chewing on ice

Ice is not good for your health even though it is 100% sugar free and is natural. They make the teeth extremely sensitive to both cold and hot food and can also chip off your teeth. Ice can irritate the soft tissues of the teeth resulting in toothaches. Instead of chewing on ice, consider sugar free gum.

Bedtime bottles

The onset of tooth decay can be unknowingly initiated by parents when they give the babies night time feeds. Sleeping with the bottle in the mouth and a pool of sugary substances is a sure trigger of tooth decay. Avoid juice, formula or milk at bed time but if there is no other option then rinse the baby’s mouth when the feeding is done.

Trendy piercings of the tongue

Even though tongue piercing is today the talk of town among many teens, there are serious health risks they expose you to. It can cause infections due to bacteria build up. It can also damage the gum as the metal stud keeps rubbing against the gum surface.

Avoid cough drops

Sold in pharmacies over the counter, cough drops are not healthy for your teeth. They are laden with sugar that feed the plaque causing bacteria. The bacterium turns sugars into acids that eat away the teeth hence painful cavities that may result in visiting the dentist to removing the whole tooth.

Avoid gummy bears

Even though they are loved by all ages of people, they are sugary and promote tooth decay. Their particles get stuck in the spaces between the teeth therefore activating plaque causing bacteria. It is better to have them between meals if you have to so the excess saliva can wash the remaining particles down.

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