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With modern day dental technology, supporting full or partial dentures has become simpler with the use dental implants that firmly attach the prosthesis the jawbone thus allowing the denture to feel, look, and function just like regular teeth. The titanium screw implant is placed into a patient’s jawbone. It acts like the tooth’s root and in a process called osseointegration, it becomes a part of the jaw-bone, hence creating a firm foundation for a denture.

Once the implant is fitted into the jawbone, it assumes the functionalities of a natural tooth root and also keeps the bone and gums stimulated, therefore eliminating any gum or bone loss that occurs with traditional dentures. Dental implants can be used to attach existing dentures firmly, or they can be introduced in the process of getting these dentures for the first time.

Depending on the technique the dentist uses, dental implants can be done in several months or all in one day. After an in-depth examination, a dentist will be able to determine which method best suits their client. Although a strong jawbone and healthy gums are prerequisites for any successful implant-supported dentures, dental patients with gums and jawbones that are not substantial enough for the dental implants can have some procedures done to boost their periodontal health as well as their bone density.

Implant-supported dentures have a couple of benefits since they;

1. Prevent tooth loss and gum recession that can occur with traditional dentures,

2. Get rid of the pain that’s often associated with most ill-fitting dentures,

3. Provide a stable and securely fitting denture,

4. Maintain the integrity of the client’s facial structure,

5. Can improve the client’s smile to a more natural-looking one,

6. Reintroduce the stability that natural teeth initially offered,

7. Can improve a person’s speech that may have been impaired by traditional dentures,

8. Help eliminate the need for dental adhesives,

9. Restore a person’s natural ability to bite and chew,

10. Help restore self-confidence when smiling, talking or eating, and also provide the opportunity to have an open upper palate. This returns your ability to use your taste buds.

In conclusion, you should remember that with good oral hygiene habits, these implant-supported dentures will always maintain their stability as well as appearance and because these implants keep your gums and jawbone stimulated, robust and healthy, implant-supported dentures don’t need to be realigned like other conventional dentures do. Generally, Implants help to provide stable and secure dentures for decades.

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