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Dental damage is inevitable. Tooth decay, jaw degradation, trauma, and even regular wear and tear are oral issues commonly encountered by people, especially those who neglect proper oral hygiene. These problems can be treated with a full mouth reconstruction. Although there are many procedures involved in this treatment, it becomes worth the sacrifice if your teeth are saved.

A full mouth restoration is a dental remedy that involves the reconstruction of teeth. Each case requires several dentistry specializations, so it is not out of the ordinary to have multiple professionals work on one patient. There are several factors that determine the necessity for this treatment, which include the condition of the teeth and gums, as well as the patient’s aesthetic requirements.

Before proceeding with the reconstruction, the dentist will perform a thorough dental examination to ascertain the amount of restoration you need. He will check your teeth for decay spots, cracks, root problems, and other possible issues. The next step is to decide on the most compatible restoratives such as crowns, dentures, implants, or dental veneers in Mexico.

A meticulous dentist in Mexico will look at your gums to see if they should be restoration recipients. Healthy gums are vital because they provide solid foundations for the teeth. If there is insufficient gum tissue, grafting procedures are called for to culture additional tissues as needed. These usually require successive visits, especially if the gum problems are severe.

Although dental aesthetic is secondary to function enhancement, a dentist will inspect the visual characteristics of your teeth, such as tooth shape, color and size. Other facial features are considered as well. The ideal results of a full mouth reconstruction take care of oral health and aesthetic requirements.

Aside from these, the dentist will also ask for tooth x-ray, impressions and bite models. He might even refer you to different specialists for a more accurate map of all the problem areas in your mouth. Once a complete treatment plan is finalized, the reconstruction can take place. An entire program can be costly, but if done with your dentist in Tijuana, you can save about 60% of what you would pay in the USA. Despite the cost, a lot of people still undergo full mouth restoration because of its many benefits.

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