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The removal of the wisdom tooth is undoubtedly a big issue since our childhood. We all have heard many scary stories regarding operations. Besides this, nobody wants to visit the dentist. Getting a wisdom tooth is a part of our development phase which we cannot avoid even if we want to. And, as a matter of fact, many of us cannot even observe that we already have a wisdom tooth. Consequently, there is nothing to be afraid of. Now the question is at what stage will the removal of wisdom tooth be an option.

It is recommended to extract a wisdom tooth whenever we will experience pain or swelling. This will happen while the molars get impacted. By the term impacted, it means that there is no adequate room for it to grow. And whenever this happens, it partially or never comes out. On many occasions, these get trapped on the jaw bone or the gums.

Extraction of the wisdom tooth is recommended by many dentists in order to avoid the buildup of bacteria which can lead to infections. If it is not taken care of at an early stage then it can result in cyst formation, gum damage and also bone damage. We should take precautions quite early so that things don’t get too much complicated.

The extraction of wisdom tooth can be performed easily when the patient is young. By young we mean when the patient is in his or her teens or early 20s when the roots are not properly developed. The jaw bones are also not dense at this stage. These two factors can make the removal of wisdom tooth much easy for the surgeons and also it helps in fast recovery.

Although there is much less chance of any health issue caused by the extraction, still every patient should be aware of the negative effects before undergoing the procedure. The very first issue is actually monetary. If we do not have any dental insurance, it is very difficult to obtain medical insurance in order to cover this type of surgery. However, we should always ask about the coverage of medical insurance just to be sure. Although medical insurance in these cases is very rare, we would still check this policy. Now let’s see what complications can arise following the surgery. This will include dry socket and infection. Studies have revealed the fact that there will be more complications in case the removal is performed on the lower jaw as compared to the upper jaw.

It isn’t a nice experience to undergo any sort of procedure. Still we must remember that lesser problems will arise if this removal is done at an early stage. If we are in suspicion then we should always ask our dentist whether it will be a correct decision to take the molars out.

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