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One sign of a problem with your gums is when the gums start to pull away or recede from your teeth. You know when you have a problem when you start to see more of the tooth or the root of the tooth than healthy gums.

What Does Gum Recession Mean?

Gum recession is a common problem that most people either don’t recognize or they ignore. What is means is that as the gums recede there are more opportunities for bacteria to get under the gum line and in pockets between the teeth. If the condition is ignored you can end up with periodontal disease and ultimately lose your teeth and damage both the bone in your mouth and supporting tissue.

Identifying The Problem

The problem of gum recession is generally a silent one that is painless for a long time. You may first notice that your gums are reddened or sensitive or perhaps you notice that your teeth look longer as the gums recede away from the teeth. You may even feel a notch or pocket at the top of the gums.

How Did You Get Receding Gums?

There are a variety of reasons for developing receding gums. Genetics can play a role leaving you more likely to develop gum problems or poor dental hygiene can result in problems with your gums as bacteria begins to build up in your mouth. It is necessary to both brush and floss twice a day to ensure good dental health. Brushing alone only takes care of about fifty percent of the problem in removing food particles, bacteria and plaque or tartar. It is necessary to floss to remove the particles between your teeth and under your gums. But don’t overdo the brushing. Enthusiastically brushing your teeth with too hard a brush or brushing the wrong way can irritate your gums or even remove enamel on your teeth.

Hormonal changes in a woman such as pregnancy, menopause can also affect gum health. Habits such as smoking, clenching your teeth and even piercings of the lip or tongue can result in damage to the gums.

Getting regular dental care in Tijuana at least twice a year and more if you can manage it makes sure that the tartar buildup is removed on your teeth with professional dental cleaning in Tijuana keeps your teeth and gums healthy. If there is a problem the dentist can provide dental treatments that take care of any gum issues before they can progress.

What Will my Dentist in Tijuana Do To Fix Receding Gums?

If you visit your dentist in Tijuana Mexico when the problem of receding gums is mild your dentist will be able to correct the problem by cleaning your teeth in a deep cleaning process that removes plaque and tartar buildup.

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