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Gingivitis is one of the most common periodontal diseases, we seek medical aid with. It is both painful and embarrassing, as this condition is associated with such unpleasant symptoms as bad breath, gums bleeding and pain, and if untreated, is likely to result into major periodontal disease. So, let’s learn more about gingivitis, its treatment, and the ways to prevent it!

What is Gingivitis?

Gingivitis is a periodontal disease, which affects the gums, and destroying their ligaments, supporting tissues, and tooth sockets, causing their inflammation.

The gingivitis inflammation is caused by acute dental infection, resulting from the oral bacteria active breeding and producing the gums tissue destroying toxins. These bacteria normally inhabit our oral cavities and hardly ever cause troubles, if a person is healthy, as his body has a safe protection against them. But if his body immune system is lowered, the oral bacteria start to breed uncontrollably. Apart from that, the gingivitis development is also associated with the following causes.

What are Gingivitis Causes?

Health care experts cannot come up with one and the only gingivitis cause. They only agree that it has a bacterial nature, whereas the reasons for the inflammation have not yet been proven, consequently the gingivitis causes theories vary.

Dentists generally agree that inadequate oral cavity hygiene often contributes to the gingivitis development and the gums destroying toxins production. In addition, when not removed the plaque, gradually turns into tartar, which irritates the gums, causing their inflammation.

Another common reason for the gingivitis development is the body immune system lowering due to underlying major general health disease or the immune suppression drugs intake, associated with it. Such health conditions as Wegner disease, cancer, uncontrolled diabetes, AIDS, and Addison disease lower the body abilities to fight bacteria.

In addition, hormonal changes during pregnancy or steroid therapy increase the chances of the gingivitis development. Some high blood pressure and seizures drugs change the gums structure, allowing the bacteria freely enter them. Sometimes even a minor gum injury from flossing or brushing your teeth might provoke the gingivitis.

What are Gingivitis Symptoms?

You should get concerned about having developed the gingivitis, if your gums started to bleed and turned red and swollen, especially, if these symptoms are accompanied with acute mouth pain. The gums feel sore, when you touch them, but are almost painless, when no irritation agents contact them. Also note that your breath acquires the noticeable foul odor.

As the gingivitis progresses, the gums structure changes and they acquire shiny bright red appearance, the teeth become loose. If left untreated, the gingivitis might result into a tooth loss.

How is Gingivitis Diagnosed?

The gingivitis diagnosis usually requires just physical oral cavity examination, performed by your general dentist. In the severe cases the patient is managed by a periodontist, who takes the gums underlying bone measurements and x-rays, to reveal, whether the bacteria have spread to a tooth socket or its supportive structure.

How is Gingivitis Treated?

The gingivitis treatment is aimed at the elimination of the inflammation and the actual source of it. In the minor cases it can be treated at home by following the proper oral hygiene rules to remove the plaque and foods debris. You might also rinse your mouth with a mild soda solution or warm salted water to relieve your gums pain and soreness.

In the more severe gingivitis cases you might require the professional deep dental cleaning to remove the tartar. You should especially thoroughly follow the oral hygiene rules after this procedure to prevent the future gingivitis reoccurrence. The gingivitis treatment also requires the underlying diseases curing.

How Can I Prevent Gingivitis?

The gingivitis prevention tips are rather simple to follow. Maintain the good oral hygiene habits. Follow all the recommendation your dentist has provided you with. Keep an eye on the possible gingivitis symptoms and seek immediate medical help, if they keep turning worse and worse, in spite of your home remedies. Never skip the routine dental check-ups and timely treat the underlying conditions, which are likely to result into gingivitis.

So, it is always better to prevent the gingivitis development, than face the sufferings, associated with it. But even if you have happened to find yourself in such a pitiful and painful situation, take time to treat your gingivitis carefully and thoroughly.

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