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The treatment requires two sittings with your dentist. First is for examination, impression and tooth preparation and second for placement of the crown. At the first visit, you will need to undergo a thorough diagnosis, so that your dentist can understand your exact condition. Additionally, you’ll need to disclose your medical history and significant medical problems, such as diabetes or heart disease, if you have any.

Once you’re considered for the treatment, you may have to undergo a root canal if your tooth has severely decayed. You’ll be given anesthesia to numb your tooth, gum, and the surrounding area. The tooth will be filed down to make appropriate space for the crown. After that measurement is taken and sent to the laboratory for preparing customized dental crowns.

At the second sitting, your dentist will permanently cement the crown on your filed tooth. However, before that the size and measurement are checked to ensure that it fits perfectly. Adjustments are made until it’s reduced to the perfect size. You will be anesthetized before putting the dental crown.

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