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Root canal pain is the pain you feel after having a root canal done at the dentist’s office. A root canal is the removal of bacteria and the root of the tooth. The hollowed out tooth is then filled in to prevent further bacteria from entering the tooth and further decay damage. Modern dentistry techniques tend to reduce any pain that would be associated with a root canal procedure. Though it doesn’t happen in all root canals, it does happen. What can you do when you are one of the unlucky individuals to endure this pain?

1. Take an over the counter pain reliever such as ibuprofen. This will help relieve the swelling and suffering you may be experiencing from the dentistry. Ibuprofen is frequently used as an anti-inflammatory and is available in most drug stores.

2. If your pain is very severe, ask your dentist for a prescription pain-killer. Asa precaution various dentists will give you the prescription in case the pain becomes too much to handle.

3. Try a numbing gel like Orajel. This is the type of material you use when little kids are cutting teeth. It paralyzes the area, makes you drool rather badly but can defiantly help with the pain. Guarantee you don’t use too many because excessive swallowing of the gel can cause you to stop breathing due to relaxed throat muscles.

4. The good old ice pack. As soon as you reach home from the dentist use an ice pack to the affected area. This serves bit to numb the area and to decrease swelling that may result from the root canal.

5. Stick to a soft food or even liquid diet. You don’t want to be eating any hard food products with your irritated teeth and gums. Sticking to liquid will provide you nourishment with minimal pain. Plus if it is something cold it will help to relieve some of the swellings as well.

You can easily cure root canal pain with some routine everyday methods. If you are the example of the unfortunate few to undergo from root canal pain, take comfort in knowing ways to alleviate your pain. If your pain becomes very critical or does not clear up within a few days, contact your dentist as some bacteria may still be existing within the affected tooth. And although it would be unpleasant to have to suffer another root canal, it is a better option to severe infection and sickness.

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