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Teeth not only have a huge effect of our health, but also on our appearance and beauty. Therefore, taking care of our teeth should naturally be an easy thing. However, most of us still have the childhood fear of dentist and the thought of visiting a dentist gives us chills! Here are some reasons that should motivate us to go past the fear and ensure you visit your dentist regularly.

The recommendation is that you visit your Tijuana dentist at least twice every year; this is because you will get your teeth cleaned by a hygienist. Event when you floss and brush your teeth regularly, there are problematic areas where you will not be able to properly clean or reach. Tartar builds up in these areas leading to the necessity to visit your dentist to have your teeth thoroughly cleaned to remove the mineralized plaque. The dentists in Tijuana also gets a chance to examine and check on previous work you have had done. This is a very good way to prevent emergencies in future.

In addition, poor flossing, harsh or excessive brushing and any other hygiene problems may cause gum problems leading to periodontal disease. The disease is characterized by chronic halitosis, irritation and swollen gums. It may also lead to loss of teeth and tooth decay, especially as one grows older. Moreover, research has shown that some types of gum disease lead to hardening of arteries on your neck, putting you at a high risk of having a stroke. The most dangerous part is that periodontal disease may develop without your knowledge, hence the importance of regular dental checkups.

Furthermore, mouth cancer has become quite common. 25,000 cases of oral, pharyngeal and tongue cancer were reported in the US in 2004. Worldwide, throat and mouth cancer rank as the sixth most common cancer with very high mortality rates, a regular visit to the dentist will lead to early detection and even save your life!

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